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About Us

We are a boutique born from hope and heart. This idea stemmed from my amazing 'Gramma Aggie'.  Gramma 'Aggie' has always been a source of comfort and consistency for me and my family. She is a lover of God, her family, miniatures, 🫧bubbles🫧, laughter, good conversation and SHOPPING. I hope to bring her joy and love of making memories to this space. We will carry quality women's clothing; resale, consignment, with new items as well. We hope to showcase local vendors for unique and customized gifts. We want to create a fresh environment where you want to keep coming back to. We hope to become a place you will continue to come to  find your happy.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to become a place that you can not wait to come back and visit. A place you feel comfortable being you. Our hope is to continue to collect a wide variety of quality, unique, vintage, and new clothing items, so everyone can find a little something to bring them a little happy. We feel like connections are so important. We plan to have a book so you can leave any connections you may have to Aggie, Cherry Valley, The Bricks, a piece of clothing you left or purchased... anything, you never know the connections you may find.  In addition to clothes, we want to carry unique gifts, feel good items, that we can source from local vendors. We hope to be able to grow to a point people look forward to coming out to shop. A place they walk in and can feel relaxed, breathe, and can always find a little happy.

Who We Are

My name is Sarah and I am the owner and Captain of this ship. I am a dreamer to my core, but feel I have been so blessed to have already lived out so many of my dreams... I am currently getting to raise five of the coolest little humans I have ever known (*I am 1000% bias).  I was brought up to have Faith in God, have Faith in myself, follow my heart, chase my dreams and be kind to people. That being said, raising five littles is also the most insane thing I have ever done. So, I am always a little flustered, a little late, a whole lotta overwhelmed, my wheels are always spinning, my calendar is almost always full, but truly, so is my heart. I have lived in the midwest most of my life, with a few short stints in Orlando, Florida and Dallas, TX. Orlando was the first place I felt complete, comfortable, happy, always fulfilled. Work then led me to Dallas, but my heart led me back to the midwest. A piece of me will always be in Florida, where my soul first felt peace; at the beach, and always among the palm trees. But the countryside has brought me to where my family is and that will forever be another place where my soul lives. Aggie is the heart of this adventure. I have been lucky enough to be raised by two of the most positive, inspiring, encouraging, FUN, women; my 'Gramma Aggie', and my mom , Sue. If you have not met Aggie, from the bottom of my heart, I am sorry! She is so full of personality. She is real, and honest, so loving and caring. Honestly, one of the most hilarious women I have ever met. I can always remember shopping with her when I was little; she would talk to everyone and always had bubbles 🫧 with her! Both things STILL happen🫧. Aggie and Sue have always guided me to trust in God and myself. The journey to this store and building it has been the greatest leap I have ever taken. I am so nervous, anxious, excited. The day we signed the lease I brought our five awesome, little humans in to see and we "tagged" the basement...


"In this building: We Love, Hope, Dream, BELIEVE and always have Faith."

I can not wait to share this journey with all of you, and to see what we can do, and where it goes!!

**We are hoping for a Grand Opening in August! Keep checking back and keeping tabs on our social media pages!


Dress for YOUR Happy Place


How We Work



Become a Vendor

In addition to selling clothing items in our shop, we also hope to carry unique, specialty items...and this is where you come in! Are you a vendor looking for a space to showcase your talent? Let us help you. We are open to discussing options to house various opportunities for different vendors. Please reach out, I would love to chat and hear your ideas.



Do you have a closet full of clothes that you rarely wear. Items that are still in great, quality condition, just not your style anymore? Have a specialty item you wore once, felt amazing, but know you won't wear it again? Let us find a new owner for you! We can do local pick up, scheduled drop off, and coming soon... free shipping to us! Contact us below for more information


Resale / Consignment

Some items are just too precious, worth too much, to just give away, we understand and respect that. If you have items you would like to consign, we will schedule an appointment, go over terms of consignment*

*accepted items will be held for a period of time and then be offered back to the owner if they have not sold. 

*Will Start Accepting Consignment Sept. '23

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